I am ending this year with clients working on BRANDING… Branding is a VERY BIG deal! You are your BRAND and who your BRAND is should embody who you are… Branding goes beyond your business… What is you LIFESTYLE BRAND???

Think of your BRAND in 2013! :) What you do want people to think when they think of you?!?! Make your image a priority! :)

More then just a fashion designer! I create graphics as well!!! Mane Couture of North Little Rock, AR Logo follow @ManeCouture on twitter!

Time to LET IT GO…

If they are not ADDING to you life and/or your vision… LET EM GO!!!

IJS :)

2013 MAKEUP…

Keep you RED!!! If you haven’t found your shade I suggest you find it!!! :) RED remains in for 2013! Never fret if you can’t find the RED go PALE! You will still win! Oh yesssss… ALSO… Keep your thick winged eyeliner as well!

Thank me later! mwahhhhh

Spring 2013 makeup trends

McKenzie Renae: Dope Find: Teyana Taylor x adidas Originals Harlem GLC Sneakers



Teyana Taylor posted about her newest sneaker project with Adidas weeks ago on Instagram and I must say, I’m definitely feeling her new creation. She’s been on her pretty girl tomboy swag since I saw her on MTV’s Super Sweet 16, and I love that she’s stayed true to her identity before it…

Here’s some color help for 2013… Color TRENDS…

Find your color and thank me later! MWAH

earth colours trend

natural colours trend

primary colours trend

Try these color groups together…

Cosmic colours spring 2013

aquatic colors spring 2013

cultural colours spring 2013

Nomadic colors spring 2013

Hope this helps! :)

Israel Houghton-Moving Forward (by ericccaaaa8D)

Theme song for the year!!! :)


Vision Board TIMEEE!!!

It’s time to make somethings happen… Bring your vision to life with a board surviving as your road map! Come on ladies and gents… This year make your vision boards and see your dreams manifest! :) <3

^^^ These are just examples… Not mine^^^ Mine is in progress!!! I will show mine later! :)

Moving into a NEW YEAR…

The New Year means moving into a NEW start… As I explore what I would like to accomplish in the New Year I look back on 2012 to see what I accomplished. Tho there were a lot of high points this year, I feel more could have been accomplished… There’s always room for improve me in all of our lives so going into 2013 I will look to be and do better. My goal is to be the best over all Brandi I can been and definitely a better designer so this year I will work towards better… Doing more and being more! I have a few assignments I am going into the New Year working on and I vow to do the best I can to ensure success for all whom I am working with. This year will be a positive year of growth and branding for myself and my clients! I’m looking forward to 2013! I hope that you are too!